Tyre Fire extinguished with 1 Watermist Extinguisher

Burning tyres extinguished completely with 1 water mist extinguisher. Water mist shield lets you right up close

Tyre fire re-ignition after 2x DCP extinguishers were used

An established tyre fire reignites over a 17 minute period with 2x 9kg DCP extinguishers used to suppress the fire

Bus Engine Bay Fire

Simulation of a fire in a bus engine bay suppressed by automatic activation of a AFFF water mist system

Jet Fuel Tank Fire

Jet A1 fuel tank fire suppressed with AFFF water mist system

Fuel Spill Fire

A 12 litre backpack AFFF water mist extinguisher puts out a large fuel spill fire

Water mist extinguisher for all types of fires (no sound)

One extinguisher to put out class A, B, C, D, E and F fires

Vehicle Fire Suppression Water Mist System (no sound)

Environmentally friendly Vehicle AFFF water mist fire suppression system

Transformer Fire - Manual activation water mist suppression (no sound)

Environmentally friendly water mist system extinguishes a fire in a few seconds

Transformer Fire Water Mist System Auto activation (no sound)

Environmentally Friendly AFFF water mist system puts a transformer fire out in a few seconds

Electrical / Server Cabinet Fire Suppression Novec 1230 (no sound)

Fire trace Novec 1230 server / electrical cabinet fire suppression

Mining Conveyor Fire Water Mist Suppression System (no sound)

Underground mining conveyor fire extinguished in a few seconds using a water mist system

Backpack Water Mist Fire Suppression System (no sound)

Environmentally friendly AFFF water mist system rapidly extinguishes 250 litres of burning fuel using 12 litres of water. This has the same knock out power as a 500 litre trailer mounted system.

3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid Extinguishing Flames (no sound)

Watch 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid knock out flames with ease. The same technology is used to suppress fires in server or electrical cabinets.