To conduct the fire risk assessment or Rational Design, a fire risk consultant will visit your premises and undertake a comprehensive evaluation of all areas of the property looking at all areas of fire safety and risk in detail. Sound fire engineering principles will be applied to ensure that the design complies with the life, property and environmental fire safety objectives required by law.

The Process

Qualitative Design Review

  • Architectural Review
  • Fire Safety Objectives
  • Fire Hazards and Risks
  • Trial Fire Safety Designs
  • Fire scenarios for analysis (worst likely case)

Quantitative Analysis

  • BS7974 Published Documents approach followed.
  • Development of fire within the enclosure of origin
  • Spread of smoke within the enclosure of origin
  • Structural response and fire spread beyond the enclosure of origin
  • Detection of fire and activation of fire protection systems
  • Fire services intervention
  • Evacuation of occupants

Assessment Against Criteria

  • Protection of Property
  • Protection of Life
  • Protection of Environment
  • Fire Safety management

We also provide

  • Flammable Liquid Store designs and certification
  • Visual safety awareness programs
  • SHEQ Safety File drafting and implementation
  • Emergency response and business continuity plans
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan Design
  • Emergency Evacuation Drills
  • Fire equipment training


After the completion of the fire risk assessment and the Rational Design Report is drafted, we provide you with a report with practical actions for you to follow. The report comprises a detailed and documented fire risk assessment, as well as fire engineering calculations where required, covering all aspects of fire risk and safety. This guides you in protecting your business, employees and customers by providing prioritised recommendations for your action, in order to rectify problem areas and strengthen existing fire safety procedures. This will ensure that you comply with fire safety regulations for the protection of life, property and the environment.

We will also work with you and your insurance broker or underwriter to address your fire risk based on the outcomes of the fire safety risk assessment report.

This will assist in preventing damage to property and products, loss of life, financial loss, consequential loss of profit, loss of productivity and insurance repercussions.


You can elect to conduct a standard fire risk and safety course, or have a customised training program developed around your specific needs, or the areas indicated in the fire safety risk assessment report.

Our standard fire risk and safety course covers essential elements such as: